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Ed.D. Doctor of Education


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Ane Turner Johnson, Ph.D.

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Monica Reid Kerrigan, Ed.D.

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Steven Rose, Ed.D.


Community college students--Services for


Community College Leadership | Higher Education


Well-being is a catchphrase that is pervasive in higher education. Many institutions claim to be investigating well-being so that students are supported in more comprehensive ways. Few studies, however, examine well-being via a multidimensional perspective that views the student as multifaceted with complex well-being relationships, nor within the community college setting where there are diverse students with increased challenges and fewer resources. This mixed methods case study examined how the concept of well-being is associated with college continuation and sought to understand how the presence of well-being is related to retention and persistence. The findings concluded that students generally lacked well-being in multiple areas but showed that specific demographics experienced more well-being than others. Additionally, the study highlighted that certain well-being factors directly contributed to students' retention and persistence problems. This research emphasizes the importance of community colleges providing holistic support to improve retention and address students' well-being more comprehensively.

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