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Ed.D. Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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James Coaxum III, Ph.D.

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Jo Ann Manning, Ed. D.

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Dana Schaed, Ed. D.


online learning, career and technical education, teachers


Vocational education--Web-based instruction


Vocational Education


The Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally altered the course of education and this is no more evident than in the world of Career and Technical Education (CTE). When the education world was thrust into the remote learning environment, CTE instructors were forced to discover ways to provide students in their programs with high-quality learning experiences without the ability to conduct the hands-on learning experiences that are the hallmark of CTE programs. As we have moved into an endemic stage, a significant opportunity exists in finding ways to create improved methods of instruction in CTE programs that provide students with enhance learning experiences and the best way to understand these opportunities is through examining and understanding the experiences of those instructors that have taught CTE prior to, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this research is to understand the perceptions of secondary CTE teachers as to the implementation and use of online learning and educational technologies in traditional CTE programs. This qualitative research study utilized teacher interviews, documents, and classroom observations of CTE instructors from a single vocational school district in the Eastern United States. The research has yielded understandings in how CTE instructors can use digital tools to support classroom management as well as instructional strategies in CTE programs. Additionally, the research demonstrates ways that the integration of instructional technologies can support ways to expand experiential learning in CTE programs as well as the need for continual professional development to support the implementation and use of instructional technologies by CTE instructors.