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Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering


Ben Wu, Ph.D.

Committee Member 1

Ying Tang, Ph.D

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Jie Li, Ph.D.

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Chen Shen, Ph.D.

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Guimu Guo, Ph.D.


secure communication


Optical communication; Signal processing


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering


This dissertation focuses on free space optical stealth communication and wideband interference management techniques. The coexistence of multiple high-speed wireless communication systems generates wideband interference, which poses a challenge to the contemporary framework of signal processing. To protect the security and privacy of users' communications, stealth communication techniques that hide and recover private information against eavesdropping attacks are necessary. The main challenge in stealth information recovery and interference management is to separate the signal of interest from noise and wideband interference [1]. This dissertation proposes and experimentally demonstrates various techniques for stealth communication and wideband interference management using photonic signal processing. Our approach to wideband mixed signal separation is scalable to multiple stages, and the performance of each stage builds on the previous one. Through our research, we aim to contribute to the development of more efficient and secure communication systems that can meet the demands of contemporary signal processing frameworks.

Available for download on Thursday, May 22, 2025