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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Stephanie Lezotte, Ph.D.

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Andrew Tinnin, Ed.D.

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Tyrone McCombs, Ph.D.


College athletes; Academic achievement


Health and Physical Education | Higher Education


The purpose of this research study was to analyze the grade point averages of student athletes in their competitive season versus their “off” season. This study also provides suggestions to Rowan University on how they can better support their student athlete’s academic success. This research study used surveys and a quantitative data analysis to analyze the grade point averages of the student athletes. The participants in this research study were student athletes that attended Rowan University in the 2021-2022 academic school year and had completed one full academic year. The most significant data collected was that student athletes do not perform better academically in their competitive season. The findings also revealed that female student athletes who participated in a spring sport had the overall better GPA range compared to male student athletes. Recommendations include the suggestion to create mandated study hall hours for all student athletes and the suggestion for individualized tutoring just for student athletes.