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DJ Angelone, Ph.D.

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Meredith Jones, Ph.D.

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Kelly Gilrain, Ph.D.

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Brooke Wells, Ph.D.

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Dustin Fife, Ph.D.


Measure Development, Sexual Violence


Sexual assault; College students--Behavior


Clinical Psychology


College students face an increased risk of sexual violence victimization and perpetration compared to the general population. Although sexual violence experiences within this population have received substantial attention by researchers, studies typically focus on male perpetrators and female victims. Although a number of measures have been developed to assess male sexual violence perpetration, comparatively few have been developed to measure other types of SV such as female perpetration. The current project aimed to develop an empirically supported measure of sexual violence perpetration which assesses the frequency and severity of engagement in discrete sexual violence behaviors and tactics among individuals of all genders. This measure was developed within the context of both perpetration and victimization and captures sexual violence experiences at a higher level of detail than has been possible with existing measures. The final CSVS includes 130 items and showed moderate to strong correlations with the Sexual Experiences Survey (SES; (SES; Canan et al., 2020, Koss et al., 2007) as a whole (rvict(34) = .722, p = <.001; rperp(34)= .373, p = .025). Overall, the CSVS represents a dynamic measure which leverages current technological approaches to deliver a lightweight yet granular SV measure for both victimization and perpetration. Future explorations of this measure will allow for a more specific assessment of participant SV experiences among behaviors of interest.