Kristy Mitchell

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M.A. Learning Disabilities


Language, Literacy, and Special Education


College of Education

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Kuder, S. Jay


Attention-deficit disorder in adolescence


Special Education and Teaching


Homework and organizational skills can be problematic for any middle school student, but can be especially problematic for middle students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. An intervention called Homework, Organization, and Planning Strategies was implemented to four students in the middle school who are diagnosed with ADHD. Research questions were focused determining if an intervention that aims to improve homework and organizational skills effective and can improve academic performance and if that improvement can be maintained. Two seventh grade and two eighth grade participants were involved in this study, all of which had a diagnosis of one of the three types of ADHD, and some participants had additional diagnoses as well such as a seizure disorder or a visual impairment. During the eight intervention sessions, materials were provided, strategies to improve organization and homework completion were taught and reviewed, and rewards were given based on student success. These components were explained during parent meetings with the parents of all but one participant with the hope that the principles taught would transfer from school to home. As a result of the intervention, all students achieved some degree of academic progress in two or more subjects and as well as an increase in organization.