Arianna Sparano

Date Approved


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M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology


Educational Services, Administration, and Higher Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Allen, Terri


Sports for people with mental disabilities


Child Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship of a structured physical activity, Rowan Unified Sports Basketball organization, for children with special needs and the positive impact the physical activity will have on their social skills. Past studies have proven that exercise has many beneficial effects mentally, physically, and socially. The effects reflex on children and adults. Not only does physical fitness promote good health, it relieves stress and anxiety. Social skills will be analyzed using the Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) Rating Scale, the parent form version. A pretest was given at the beginning of the season and a post test was given at the end of the season. Pretest scores and post test scores will be compared. The pretest scores had a mean of 75.90 with a standard deviation of 17.64. The posttest scores had a mean of 93.10 with a standard deviation of 7.29. The t test was 3.046, p= .014 which indicates a significance difference between pre and posttest.