Traci Bowles

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Degree Name

M.S.T. Teaching


Teacher Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Madden, Marjorie


Fantasy fiction--Juvenile literature;Children--Books and reading


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purposes of this exploratory investigation were to determine how fantasy literature helps children explore, process, and discuss real world issues and topics and what other applications the genre had in the classroom. This study was conducted by implementing a genre study in a fifth grade classroom. Seventeen students participated in the research model. Data collected included audiotaped discussions, student projects and artifacts, and my personal teacher research journal. The data was analyzed recursively across all data sets to determine patterns and themes. Data was coded according to the four main patterns and counted across data sets. If the pattern was found to be prevalent across all data sets and with the majority of the students it was found to be conclusive. Disconfirming data was also analyzed and included under the pattern that it disconfirmed. Implications of the genre are discussed including its facilitation as it pertains to identification of themes, text-to-self connections, discussion of real world issues, and enthusiasm and autonomy over learning.