Stacy Behlau

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M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology




College of Science & Mathematics

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Dihoff, Roberta

Second Advisor

Klanderman, John


College students--New Jersey;Happiness


Higher Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


The stresses of life that college students face can be overwhelming at times and may affect the student's satisfaction with life. The purpose of this study was to examine the factors in student's lives that diminish their life satisfaction, and to examine which group of students had a lower life satisfaction in each area. Participants in this study were all Rowan University undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Psychology courses. Within the study, there were 57 total participants, 30 of which were undergraduate students and 27 graduate students. In addition, 47 participants were females while only 10 were males. Participants ranged in age from 20-49 years old. All participants of the study filled out a shortened version of the Quality of Life Questionnaire created by Bigelow, Olsen, Smoyer, and Stewart (1991), and also their own demographic information on the survey. Data derived was run through the SPSS analysis system, and T-Tests were conducted on the data. Results of this study both supported and disproved the hypotheses finding that graduate students do have lesser life satisfaction, but not in all areas of their lives. In addition it was also revealed that students who were working have a slightly lower life satisfaction level than those who were unemployed.