Helana Russo

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M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling




College of Science & Mathematics

First Advisor

Hargesheimer, Sandra


Male sexual abuse victims--Mental health


Psychiatric and Mental Health


Childhood sexual and physical abuse has been found to have lasting effects on one's physical and mental health in adulthood. Studies have found that childhood abuse is linked to a variety of mental health conditions that tend to present later in life. This paper investigates specifically how childhood abuse experiences may affect the mental health of male victims, explicitly examining whether the type of abuse has an effect on the way mental health problems express, whether internalized or externalized disorders are more prominent depending on the abuse type. The study also aims to compare mental health outcomes of abused males to the population of non-abused males. Hypothesis 1: Males that have experienced sexual abuse will display more internalized mental health symptoms as compared to those that have been physically abused and those with no abuse history. Hypothesis 2: Males that have experienced physical abuse will display more externalized mental health symptoms as compared to those that have been sexually abused and those with no abuse. Analysis included two one way ANOVAs to compare the mean scores of both internalized and externalized disorders based on the type of abuse, with those categories being sexually abused, physically abused, non- abused, and both physically and sexually abused.