Gavin Farber

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Leadership


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Sisco, Burton


College student development programs


Higher Education


This study looks at the impact from the Freshmen Leadership Interest Program (FLIP) that took place in August 2006. A group of freshmen attended a three day retreat before the start of their freshmen year when they were introduced to the different types of leadership opportunities on the campus of Rowan University. Throughout the last four years the participants in the program have been involved in a variety of different clubs and organizations serving in many leadership positions. Fifty-three former participants were emailed a survey about their experience in FLIP and asked to complete the three page instrument. Along with the survey, interviews were held throughout the spring 2010 semester with six former participants where they discussed their involvement and leadership development at Rowan since leaving the program. The FLIP program resulted in the overwhelmingly positive experiences of the participants. It was learned that students involved in FLIP discovered their niche at the university and found involvement in a variety of activities including Student Government, Residence Life, Athletics, Publications, Volunteerism and other areas.