Lara Sader

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services, Administration, and Higher Education


College of Education

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Sisco, Burton


Low income college students--Services for--New Jersey; Minority college students--Services for--New Jersey


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the Educational Opportunity Fund/Maximizing Academic Potential (EOF/MAP) program through the attitudes of freshmen students toward the services provided and their perceptions of the benefits in regards to social skills, academic performance, and attainment in college. The study also investigated students' suggestions to improve the program. This quantitative research study explored institutional factors, socio economic characteristics, as well as pre-college preparation (independent variables) and their relationships to EOF/MAP student success at a medium sized four-year university. This study utilized a survey instrument to collect data from EOF/MAP freshman during the spring of 2013. Data were analyzed to investigate students' satisfaction with the program. The findings suggested that the students were gratified with the program, but they also offered some recommendations for improvement. The results of the study should help inform administrators about the unique needs of target students in order to develop successful interventions to maximize access, retention, and success in higher education. Such understanding is essential if the university is willing to build stronger bridges and pipelines between the K-12 school system and the Educational Opportunity Fund/Maximizing Academic Potential (EOF/MAP) program.