Kathleen Michell

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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Johnson, Ane


Male nurses; Nursing students


Other Educational Administration and Supervision


Nurses face many challenges in the health care arena. However, male nursing students face a unique set of challenges in a female dominated profession. Limited research looks to understand the male student perspective and success. This qualitative, case study explored the success of male nursing students at a Community College in Northern New Jersey. Focus groups and semi-structured interviews took place with the male nursing students in their second year of the program. Three main themes were identified including gender advantage, male students find that their gender provides an advantage in the classroom and clinical settings; encouragement and support, the students attribute part of their drive for success to the support they received at home and in the program; and male nurse persistence, their own drive and determination along with their can-do attitude has helped to successfully navigate themselves through the program. Additionally, implications for future research, policy, and practice are discussed that addresses the male nursing students' ability to adapt to perceived gender roles in order to be successful in nursing, which impacts higher education and the profession.