Lauren Thompson

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services, Administration, and Higher Education


College of Education

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Sisco, Burton


College students--Employment


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of student employment in Rowan After Hours (RAH) on student engagement at Rowan University. All respondents were employed by RAH during the spring 2013 semester. A survey was used to gather information on various aspects of subject engagement on campus, including how often students contributed to academic classes, utilized information learned in class in their academics or daily life, interacted with faculty or staff, time spent completing various tasks, number of pages written throughout the semester, and work and co-curricular experiences. Established research indicates that engaging students in a variety of educationally productive activities is associated with self-reported gains in general abilities, critical thinking skills, learning, and persistence. The findings of this study suggest that RAH student employees are more highly engaged at their institution than students at similar large, master's granting institutions. Moreover, evidence suggests that the OSA student development model, focusing on promoting student engagement, is meeting its goals and objectives.