Winfield Thompson

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M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology




College of Science & Mathematics

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Dihoff, Roberta


Teachers--Job satisfaction


Psychiatric and Mental Health


The purposes of this exploratory study were to (a) examine secondary teachers' overall job satisfaction and satisfaction specific to extracurricular programming involvement, (b) ascertain whether extracurricular involvement affects overall job satisfaction, and (c) identity the factors that are most influential over teachers' satisfaction specific to extracurricular involvement. A review of the existing literature presents factors previously implicated in affecting teacher job satisfaction. Extrapolations are made regarding the presence of these same factors in the extracurricular programming setting. To investigate these extrapolations, data was collected via secondary teachers' completion of the Extracurricular Programming Questionnaire, a survey developed by the principal researcher. Correlational analyses revealed no relationship between extracurricular involvement and ratings of overall job satisfaction. Correlational analyses and one-way analyses of variance revealed that factors related to a teacher's experience of relationships and personal interest/growth opportunities were correlated with levels of satisfaction specific to extracurricular involvement. Factors related to witnessing and facilitating student growth were not related to levels of satisfaction. Interpretations of these findings are discussed in light of limitations in the research design. Implications for enhancing and encouraging teacher involvement in extracurricular programming are discussed.