Colleen McKnight

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M.A. Learning Disabilities


Language, Literacy, and Special Education


College of Education

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Kuder, S. Jay


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; Teachers--Training of


Special Education and Teaching


This study examined whether or not general education and special education teachers possess the knowledge and skill needed to assist students with ADHD with meeting academic success in their classrooms. Surveys were distributed to all teachers within a pre-kindergarten through sixth grade district in rural Southern New Jersey. An e-mail correspondence specifying the directions for completing the survey as well as a personal request to complete the survey was sent out district-wide to teachers at all grade levels and of all subject areas. Surveys and directions were then placed in teachers' school mailboxes in each of the four district school buildings. This district services approximately 1,700 students. A total of thirty-three teachers participated in the survey. General and special education teachers agreed on many areas surrounding their beliefs of and attitudes towards working with students with ADHD as well as their knowledge and levels of training of the subject. Special education teachers reported slightly increased levels of training, but the majority of general and special education teachers alike reported experience working with these students. Teachers, in turn, feel prepared and confident in working with these students in their classrooms. Furthermore, the majority of teachers surveyed report they utilize and implement strategies for students with ADHD in their classrooms to help them meet success.