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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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Gonzalez Rodriguez, Yvonne


Diversity in the workplace; Educational leadership; Racism--Study and teaching


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The overall objective of school improvement planning is an enhanced level of student achievement through an enhanced leadership framework and successfully implemented program. The improvement plan process requires focus on specific priorities to effect real change. The purpose of this action research study was to provide professional training as part of a continuum change initiative. The study analyzed the salient factors or areas of critical concern, impacting prejudice and controversial issues settings. These variables included levels of leadership, and significance of the following: diversity of identity and experiences, stereotyping, internalized oppression, building pride and capacity, becoming allies, making commitments to change, as well as appreciation of differences in others. This information obtained by the researcher provided baseline data, which laid the groundwork to develop a school improvement plan. This study explored the observed impact of the professional development training on agency employees and disposition toward sustained change in prejudice reduction in their applied practice over a period time. Additionally, the action research methodology procedures used for contextualizing and analyzing the efficacy and impact of prejudice reduction in urban education were described. The study's structured conceptual (Brown, 2009; Clark, 2004) and theoretical frameworks (McKown, 2005; Kotter,1996) reflected a detailed, yet objective analysis on the social justice issue of prejudice reduction that impacts the school environment, especially impacting the agency's early education program administration and its childhood professionals' psychosocial self awareness. Data supported the implication that the eight week diversity leadership training and workshop module activities had a positive impact on the sample group. The participants, who responded and shared their stories, affirmed that the professional training received was important to them both personally and professionally.