Samuel Friedman

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M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology




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Dihoff, Roberta


Visual perception; Sex differences


Higher Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


Change blindness is defined as a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a change in a visual stimulus goes unnoticed by the observer (Boundless, 2013). Change blindness can be any change in one's visual field and occurs due to the lack of attention or obstruction in one's visual field. A variety of factors influence change blindness, and gender became a major part to research. The purpose of this study was to study the influence of gender on change blindness and the relationship to college students' majors. Past research has shown us that females tend to be more visually detailed than males. Depending on what major males or females have, the majors will influence the participants' visual fields. The following hypotheses to study this topic included that: Individuals in engineering, and/or science majors will be a lot quicker to notice the changes in the experiment compared to all other majors and females in engineering, and science will respond the quickest in the study. Rowan University students of the various majors will be given a series of images and will identify if any changes have or have not occurred. It is expected that results will show that women in engineering, and science majors will have the quickest response times because of their sharp visual fields. This research has implications for determining if women would do better in specific fields because of their strong visual fields overcoming change blindness.