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M.A. in Higher Education Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton


Academic achievement--New Jersey; College athletes--New Jersey


Higher Education Administration


This study was designed to determine if thinking and learning styles of selected student-athletes at Rowan University impact academic achievement. Ninety-six undergraduate student-athletes from Rowan University participated in the study completing both the Inquiry Mode Questionnaire (InQ) and the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) to measure thinking and learning styles. The InQ consists of 18 statements which are followed by five possible endings in which respondents indicate the degree to which each statement is most like you (5) or least like you (1). The LCI is a 28 Likert item self-reporting instrument that allows the respondent to learn of their learning style. Student-athletes also completed a demographic page, included on which were the variables of gender, academic classification, major, sports participation, and grade point average. Findings from this study support previous research about thinking and learning styles, while expanding the knowledge base about thinking and learning styles and student-athletes. Significant correlations were found between thinking and learning styles and the following variables: gender, major, and sports participation.