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M.S. in Teaching


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


College of Education


Rodriguez, Yvonne


Language arts (Secondary); Literature--Study and teaching


Secondary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this action research study was to help mediate areas of deficiency that were identified in the essay and composition writing of a group of freshman Honors' students. During this study, students were provided with specific strategies to interpret texts so they could begin to understand the author's intended message to the audience. They could then translate those understandings into their written work. Specifically, the exit slip strategy was implemented to help develop students' summarization and paraphrasing skills. Teacher feedback was also integrated onto the learning process to help reinforce and refine the skill development process. The findings in this study highlighted the importance of implementing and equipping students with specific writing strategies to interpret and make meaning from new and unfamiliar texts. The findings further suggest that individualized teacher feedback supports new skill development. This study explored the effectiveness of the exit slip strategy in helping students develop their paraphrasing and summarization skills. This study also documented the students' ability to transfer these skills to various written assessments that were incorporated into the then current unit of study, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.