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M.A. in Higher Education Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.


Incident command systems--New Jersey; Resident assistants (Dormitories)


Higher Education Administration


Emergency Response is a topic addressed by colleges and universities across the country. Adequate training for response personnel is encouraged by the institutions and, in some cases, enforced by state and federal governments. On college campuses, emergencies occur at all areas and can occur at any given time, which includes residential areas. At Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, these residential areas are staffed by undergraduate and graduate students.

This study analyzed the effectiveness of Incident Command Systems training for personnel hired to work within the residential areas at Rowan University. Incident Command Systems is a national emergency management structure adopted by the institution as their main form of response to all campus crises.

The findings suggest an increase in knowledge of the Incident Command Systems structure as well as an improved attitude toward individuals' level of preparedness for responding to emergency situations. The study concluded that Incident Command Systems training is beneficial for personnel working within the residential settings at Rowan University and should become integrated with ongoing emergency preparation at the university.