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M.A. in School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Dihoff, Roberta

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Epifanio, Frank


Bullying in schools; Education--Study and teaching


Educational Psychology


This study intended to focus on the realities of bullying through the eyes of undergraduate education majors. Perceptions on their understanding, and responses to hypothetical situations were examined to get a thorough comprehension about their beliefs on the topic of bullying. The sample of 144 participants, 105 female and 39 male, were all juniors or seniors in their educational programs at a medium-sized university in the northeast. Two questionnaires, the Boulton & Jones Questionnaire and the Bully Attitudes Questionnaire, were used as tools to assess the student's ideas about the subject. Tests of significance helped support the hypothesis by showing that students viewed relational forms of bullying significantly different when compared to physical and verbal forms; for example, participants were least likely to intervene with relational depictions than the other two. A specific focus on the undergraduate's perceptions of training (future and past) resulted in a significant correlation between the two subscales. The present study's findings helped support current literature, and future implications are recognized to stimulate future research in regards to better educational and training efforts for school professional trainees.