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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


Special Educational Services/Instruction


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Shontz, Marilyn


Instructional materials personnel--New Jersey; School libraries--Book selection


Library and Information Science


The purposes of this study were to (a) determine if LMSs were using titles from a suggested list of titles found in Radical Change with kindergarten to third grade students, (b) determine how LMSs were using books with Radical Change characteristics; and (c) determine if LMSs were not using books with Radical Change characteristics, what were the reasons why they were not using or did not own the books. From the results of the questionnaire, the majority of the respondents had not heard of Dr. Eliza Dresang and her theory of Radical Change. It was also determined that many of the suggested nonfiction titles were not owned because the LMSs were unaware of the titles. The questionnaire determined that the titles that were owned by the LMSs, both nonfiction and fiction, were mainly used as suggestions for students to check out. LMSs who were not using books with Radical Change characteristics were creating a disadvantage for their students.