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M.A. in Higher Education Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.


Education and globalization; Service learning


Higher Education Administration


In order to explore the benefits of student engagement in Engineers Without Borders (EWB) on participants, a blended method was utilized to study the transformative impact of international service learning projects on selected undergraduate students' global perspective. Students currently engaged in EWB, and preparing for travel abroad to a project site, were surveyed prior to travel using the Global-Mindedness Scale (GMS) to determine global perspective within the following dimensions: interconnectedness, cultural pluralism, responsibility, globalcentrism, and efficacy. Upon return from the mission, the GMS was re-administered to note changes, if any, to original responses. Pre-travel questionnaires and post- travel interviews were conducted to delve further into participants' impressions of the experience. The long-term impact on former, now graduated, participants of EWB was also examined. Former members of EWB, presently in the work force, were interviewed to examine long-term impact of involvement in the organization. Outcomes of the investigative study indicated that changes to students' perspective took place as a result of the international experience.