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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Madden, Marjorie


Effective teaching; Learning disabled children


Elementary Education and Teaching


This study looks at the impact on learning classroom where students are encouraged to share their voice. Student questions are used to create units of study that frame what students want to learn. The study takes place in a self-contained Learning Disabled classroom with fifteen students ranging in third through sixth grade. The study is completed during two separate instructional units, one in science and another in social studies using a Questions Curriculum. Student questions about specific topics are used to create subsequent lessons on the topic. During the study student artifacts including worksheets and pictures of bulletin boards are collected. Reflections are recorded in a teacher research journal and at the completion of both of the units of study interviews are given to eleven students in the classroom. The research design is qualitative, specifically teacher research. Data sources are triangulated to arrive at credible and valid findings. The study reveals that providing an outlet for student voice enables students to become more engaged in their learning.