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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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McBee, Robin Haskell


Classroom management; Social skills in children; Education, Preschool


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This investigation explored the impact of a culture of respect on disruptive behaviors of four year old children in an urban setting. A curriculum on respect was implemented, and teachers' and students' views on respect were measured before and after delivering the curriculum. Family involvement was part of the curriculum. The research questions identified teachers' knowledge and attitudes regarding teaching social skills and respect, the influence of teaching respect on children's social skills, and effective strategies for teaching respect. A pilot study and principal study were conducted in a total of 9 preschool classrooms. A mixed research methodology was used in both studies. One hundred percent of the teachers who participated in the study reported a decrease in disruptive behaviors in their classroom and attributed this change to the use of the Respect curriculum. Teachers reported an unexpected benefit of over 50% participation of families in the parent-child activity. The findings support developing a stronger emphasis on social emotional development through implementing a curriculum on culture of respect in early childhood learning environments.