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Degree Name

M.S. in Engineering


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

First Advisor

Mehta, Yusuf A.


Asphalt concrete--Testing; Pavements, Flexible--New Jersey


Civil and Environmental Engineering


The purpose of this thesis is to present the results of the verification study of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (M-EPDG) using level 2 and level 3 inputs. In addition, the challenges of verification of the predicted performance with the help of field-measured data of existing flexible pavements are also presented. In this study, twenty-five sections were analyzed covering a broad range of soil, environmental conditions, traffic volumes and pavement structures observed in the state of New Jersey. Predicted performance of various distresses, such as rutting, alligator cracking, longitudinal cracking, thermal cracking and International Roughness Index (IRI) were verified for the state of New Jersey. The material properties of older (> 5 years) existing pavement layers were not readily available, which made the analysis challenging. In addition, discrepancies between different sources of input data and measured field data were also observed. The process of verification presented in this study will be effective in facilitating the local calibration of the M-EPDG, a critical step towards implementation of the M-EPDG for other state agencies.