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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


College of Education


Rodríguez, Yvonne E. González


Education, Primary--New Jersey; First grade (Education)--New Jersey


Elementary Education and Teaching


What effects does a "one on one" developmental program done with first grade students that are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues have on me as a teacher and inform and influence my teaching? This action research study took place in a southern New Jersey school from January 24 until May 9, 2008. Students were observed both in and out of the classroom. A better understanding of the classroom community and interactions of the students were gleamed from this process. Two students were selected based on their unique emotional situations, which influenced their ability to behave appropriately according to teacher expectations. These students were chosen to participate in an individualized social management program. Data collection consisted of two phases, an intervention program and a document review. Data included observations, informal interviews, and artifacts. School documents such as school records and report cards were utilized to determine past behaviors as well as academic success. Findings indicate that students responded positively to direct individualized social strategies and enhanced their learning. In conclusion, a better understanding of my students' social and personal needs was achieved as I was able to better interact with and teach the whole child.