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M.A. in Educational Technology


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


College of Education

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Molinari, Louis


Classroom environment--New Jersey; School facilities--New Jersey--Planning


Elementary Education and Teaching


This study investigated learning space design and its suggested effect upon the learning process. The study also evaluated and compared existing classrooms in the southern New Jersey area by looking for the presence or absence of certain elements of design. Data were collected by reviewing previous research on the topic of classroom design and student achievement, and in field testing at eight educational facilities in southern New Jersey. Research has shown that the design of learning spaces has a direct influence upon students' attitudes towards learning and positive outcomes are attributed to these designs. Field testing, using a sound level meter and a lux meter, measured frequencies and light levels and evaluated the percentages of loss or gain, confirming some findings regarding students' abilities to properly hear and comprehend spoken material and to properly see visual images and text displayed at the front of the room. Other testing and research revealed that certain other elements in classroom design should be incorporated into the overall design and construction of educational facilities.