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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Leadership


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Sisco, Burton


Graduate students--Services for


Higher Education Administration


The purpose of this study was to determine whether graduate students at Rowan University felt as though they mattered to the university. The subjects in this study consisted of 320 full-time and part-time matriculated graduate students at Rowan University during the spring 2010 semester. Data were collected using a revised version of the Mattering Scales for Adult Students in Higher Education, which consists of 45 Likert scale statements meant to gain insight into how students felt about their graduate school experience, and how they felt their needs were being met by the university community. Data analysis found that participants generally reported that they mattered in regards to each of the five subscales. However, responses to some statements in the Advising and Faculty Subscales indicated lower perceptions of mattering. Additionally, women reported significantly higher levels of mattering on the Peers Subscale than male students. Several significant differences were also found among students from different colleges and age groups in regards to the Advising, Administration, Faculty and Peers Subscales. However, no significant differences were found in regards to students' races/ethnic backgrounds or types of employment.