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M.A. in Subject Matter Teaching: Mathematics


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Milou, Eric


Mathematical readiness; Universities and colleges--Curricula


Science and Mathematics Education


Students are not performing well in their freshman year in college mathematics classes. More incoming college freshman are being required to take remedial mathematics coursework. The purpose of this research is to determine if professors feel that traditional incoming freshmen students are prepared for college-level mathematics, and what factors they feel contribute to this level of preparation. To research this topic, professors from chosen two- and four-year colleges were contacted and asked to respond to a survey. The researcher created a survey using a Likert scale to obtain information on the views of college professors pertaining the topic. The instrument was sent to two-and four-year professors from selected New Jersey colleges. The entire surveyed population's answers were analyzed by comparing response percentages while a chi-squared test examined the difference in responses of two- and four-year college professors and conclusions were drawn. It is clear from the research that college professors feel that students are not ready for post-secondary mathematics. It seem logical that public schools and higher education institutions communicate and work closely together to improve students' college readiness for mathematics.