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M.S. in Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering


Rusu, Adrian


Hierarchies; Information organization; Information visualization


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The visualization of information hierarchies is concerned with the presentation of abstract hierarchical information about relationships between various entities. It has many applications in diverse domains such as software engineering, information systems, biology, and chemistry. Information hierarchies are typically modeled by an abstract tree, where vertices are entities and edges represent relationships between entities. The aim of visualizing tree drawings is to automatically produce drawings of trees which clearly reflect the relationships of the information hierarchy.

This thesis is primarily concerned with problems related to the automatic generation of area-efficient grid drawings of trees, interactively visualizing information hierarchies, and applying our techniques on Web data.

The main achievements of this thesis include:

1. An experimental study on algorithms that produce planar straight-line grid drawings of binary trees,

2. An experimental study that shows the algorithm for producing planar straight-line grid drawings of degree-d trees with n nodes with optimal linear area and with user-defined arbitrary aspect ratio, works well in practice,

3. A rings-based technique for interactively visualizing information hierarchies, in real-time,

4. A survey of Web visualization systems developed to address the "lost in cyberspace" problem,

5. A separation-based Web visualization system that we present as a viable solution to the "lost in cyberspace" problem,

6. A rings-based Web visualization system that we propose as a solution to the "lost in cyberspace" problem.