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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


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Shontz, Marilyn


Library catalogs; School libraries


Library and Information Science


An important tool of a school library media center is the automation system. The media specialist uses this tool to manage the media center's collection and ensure that students have access to the best and most up to date accurate information. The purpose of having an automation system was to improve student access to the media center collection. The advancement in technology in the past three decades has expanded the role of school media specialists.

This survey of the number of school media centers that have their catalog available on the Web was analytical. It was conducted with the use of an online questionnaire, which was administered through the Web site New Jersey high school media specialists were able to access this online survey from a link that was placed in an email message. Out of the 522 public and private secondary schools in New Jersey, 63 secondary schools participated in the online survey conducted through The results from this survey study showed that New Jersey high school media centers located further north and with a larger annual budget were more likely to allow Internet access to its catalog.