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M.A. in Mathematics Education


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Milou, Eric


Graphic calculators--New Jersey; High school teachers--New Jersey--Attitudes


Science and Mathematics Education


The purpose of this research will be to identify the effectiveness of graphing calculators as instructional tools in building the skills needed to demonstrate proficiency on the New Jersey HSPA. To research this topic, teachers from South Jersey high schools were contacted and asked to respond to a survey regarding opinions and observations about the use of the graphing calculator. The survey was created by the researcher in order to investigate how teachers feel graphing calculators influence conceptual understanding of skills tested on the HSPA. The survey will use a Likert scale to measure teacher attitudes about the effect of use of graphing calculators on students' conceptual understanding of skills that are tested on the HSPA. Because of previous research, and research contained here, it is clear that the appropriate use of the graphing calculator in mathematics classrooms will be of great benefit to the growth of students by enhancing conceptual understanding of HSPA skills. It is important that all teachers are properly trained in how to use the calculator appropriately to enhance these skills. Teachers should use the calculator often and include it as part of regular assessment.