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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


College of Education


Madden, Marjorie


Classroom management; School discipline


Elementary Education and Teaching


The following qualitative study focuses on how students perceive classroom behavior management systems. The process of research consisted of observation of students in their natural classroom setting, the completion of the Student Beliefs of Discipline Inventory Survey by the students, and informal interviews. A total of twenty seven fourth and fifth grade students participated in the study. The major themes of the study consisted of the students' perception of responsibility in the classroom and the common misbehaviors identified by the students. The results of the study concluded that a majority of the students want to have some responsibility for decisions in the classroom. Another finding identified talking to others during instructional time as a major misbehavior in the classroom. The results of the survey find that a majority of the students prefer to have a voice in the classroom and responsibility for making decisions in the classroom. Additionally, the students also responded to the amount of responsibility the teacher should have in the classroom. According to the study, the students believe the teachers should have more responsibility in creating and modifying classroom rules than responsibility for disciplining students who misbehave in the classroom.