Author Bio

Dr. Drew Kopp is a professor of writing in the Writing Arts department at Rowan University. His scholarship explores histories of rhetorical theory and pedagogy, the conflict between rhetoric and philosophy, and the practice of ontological inquiry, its implementation in the development of curricula, and the role such inquiry plays in transforming understanding of the self and world. He has published articles in journals in the field of rhetoric and writing studies, including Intraspection (2020), Rhetoric Review (2013), JAC: Rhetoric, Writing, Culture, Politics (2012), and Kairos (2010). He has also contributed a chapter to the edited collection Disrupting Pedagogies in the Knowledge Society (2011). Dr. Kopp's co-authored book (with Bruce Hyde), Speaking Being: Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger, and a New Possibility of Being Human (2019), provides the first major presentation of Werner Erhard’s ontological pedagogy juxtaposed with an extensive study from a perspective granted by Heidegger’s innovations in ontological inquiry.


Ontological inquiry, rhetoric, Cartesian subjectivity, Higher Education, Paideia, Rhetorical Education


After defining and outlining the three movements of ontological inquiry, the author makes the case that ontological inquiry is rhetorical education at its best, concluding that making such inquiry central to the mission of the university may contribute to responding effectively to the complex of crises that academia and the world currently faces.