Author Bio

Billy Strean is Professor Emeritus and 3M National Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta. He has an academic background in philosophy, education, and sport and exercise psychology and is a Master Somatic Coach (Strozzi Institute), Registered Yoga Teacher-500, and Certified Professional Co-active Coach. Dr. Strean brought his eclectic background to developing courses on critical thinking, play, and the communication course, which is the focus of this chapter. Billy lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Communication, ontology, somatics, being, education


This essay explores how ontological and somatic approaches were applied in an undergraduate communication course. Beginning by contrasting the assumptions of traditional knowledge and skills-based approaches with the shift to a focus on being within ontological methods, the author expands to show specifically how somatics informed the learning activities and students’ development in communication. After providing examples of the core content of public speaking and interpersonal communication and shares students’ learning and feedback, the author concludes by considering broader possibilities for ontological inquiry and transformative education.