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Charleston Conference, 2018


Effective electronic resources management is comprised of ever evolving complex processes. One especially challenging component is to seamlessly ensure continuity of access and service to transferred journals, or journals that have changed publishers. The aspect that is particularly problematic throughout this process is the tracking of these changes. In the past at Rowan University Library, this process had not been monitored proactively. The concern today is to ensure that these changes are tracked so as to not interrupt the user’s research.

The library has addressed this challenge by implementing workflows that use the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service, which is a feed notifying subscribers of journals transferred from one publisher to another. In addition to the Enhanced Transfer feed, the Journal Transfer Notification Database has made it easier than ever for libraries to track transferred journals. This presentation will illustrate Rowan University Library’s transferred journal management procedures and how these have evolved over time to improve the user experience, our eresources and collection management workflows, and to incorporate institutional best practices.

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