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In this workshop two academic librarians will share about their grassroots approach to fostering civic and digital literacies through their work in teaching “lateral reading” and online source evaluation. We will reflect on how a small action, creating an online research guide, was a seed for growing roots - connections and relationships - and for expanding our own teaching and our educational outreach. While we’ll touch on work with lateral reading, our primary focus will be reflecting with fellow librarians on small actions as regenerative responses to burnout and as starting points for more collective engagement in civic literacy education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize and normalize experiences of frustration or overwhelm in the face of challenges with teaching digital, media, and civic literacies.
  • Identify a challenge or goal for your instructional practice.
  • Identify stumbling blocks to approaching that challenge or goal.
  • Engage in community building and reflect on ways to further build community in and/or beyond your local context.

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