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Summer 6-7-2022

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Tri-State College Library Consortium (TCLC) Summer Camp


Wikipedia has become a widely accepted information source. Wikipedia is also by its very nature centered on community and on building and growing knowledge collectively. However, many are still understandably skeptical of how credible Wikipedia content is, and a gap remains between how frequently we use Wikipedia and how well we understand it. Wikipedia creates an opening for exploring how information is created and circulated, how the information creation process is often negotiated collectively, and how to critically evaluate online information. This session will explore how Wikipedia can be a rich tool for both teaching information literacy and building community through collective content creation. The presenters will begin with a discussion about engaging with Wikipedia as a teaching and a community building tool and will share about ways that they have used Wikipedia for this purpose. This will be followed by a demonstration of how to create and edit articles on Wikipedia in order to develop critical information literacy skills.