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This poster will provide results of an IRB-approved study that assessed the effectiveness of an online tutorial on evaluating sources through lateral reading. Students who used lateral reading strategies were much more likely to accurately identify questionable sources as such. As students gained practice with lateral reading, the accuracy of their evaluations overall improved. Final reflection activities suggest that students' learning deepened as they considered ways that they might revise their evaluation strategies and how they might apply lateral reading strategies in their everyday life. In line with other research on lateral reading, this brief instructional intervention appears to have had an overall modest positive effect on students' abilities to effectively evaluate online sources. It appears to have had a greater positive effect on the evaluation skills of those students who applied lateral reading strategies. The poster will include details about the tutorial structure and the study methodology and findings.

Learning Outcomes

Reflect on effective strategies and criteria for evaluating online sources, as well as the implications for teaching online source evaluation. Consider possible approaches to assessing students' online source evaluation skills. Recognize that short instructional interventions on lateral reading are likely to have a modest but positive impact on students' online source evaluation skills, at the same time that sustained practice and ongoing feedback are critical to developing critical source evaluation skills.

ACRL 2023 Conference Poster_Baer and Kipnis.pdf (164 kB)
Supplemental handout with study details