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2023 LILi Conference


In response to calls for greater equity and inclusion in scholarly publishing and in academia in general, many academic instruction librarians are looking to ways to promote inclusive citation practices. Inclusive citation essentially involves citing sources that reflect a greater diversity of voices and perspectives, while being aware of how power and social structures have traditionally influenced what voices are amplified and which are often overlooked. Inclusive citation requires thinking creatively about how and where we search for information, since traditional scholarly practices and common structures and features of many search tools (e.g., citation metrics, relevance rankings) are part of the problem.

Librarians have not typically been taught how to seek out voices and perspectives that have traditionally played less dominant roles in academic discourse. However, with our understandings of information systems and search strategies, we are well poised to build these skills and to support others in understanding and engaging in inclusive citation.

In this presentation, the speaker will introduce the concept of inclusive citation and related strategies, share related teaching resources, and discuss an Inclusive Citation workshop that they have developed as part of their Libraries’ workshop series.