About Us

Cooper Rowan Medical (CRMJ)

Email: CRJCSM@rowan.edu

Address: 401 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08103

Phone: (856) 295-1772

Who are we:

We are an open-access, peer-reviewed medical journal that prioritizes submissions of articles whose first author is a current student or resident/fellow (all years). We consider submissions of papers whose first author is an allied health professional student or PhD student studying a health science or related subject. Additionally, we will accept editorials, opinion pieces, and commentaries from faculty members. Likewise, faculty members may also be invited authors for special theme issues. As a journal established by medical students and faculty members of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, we are particularly interested in articles related to the medically underserved. If you have any questions regarding the fit of your article within our mission, please email us at: CRJCSM@rowan.edu.

As a new journal, launched in March 2018, we currently do not have an impact factor and are not indexed by any databases. However, every day we are working hard to expand the reach and profile of CRMJ. If you are a student, resident, fellow, or faculty member interested in joining our peer-reviewer pool or interested in serving as a member of the editorial board, please send us an email ( CRJCSM@rowan.edu) expressing your interest. If you have enjoyed your experience submitting to our journal, please spread the word to your colleagues and/or submit the linked form to your librarian to get this journal indexed in your institution’s library journal list.

Why Submit to CRMJ:

  1. Student/Resident Focused--We are primarily focused on publishing the work of medical and allied health professional students and residents/fellows. We are committed to publishing articles that are scientifically rigorous and add to the literature.
  2. Fast Turnaround--We aim to review all submissions as quickly as possible. As a student-focused journal, we understand the importance of a fast turnaround, so that work can be included on applications and other forms of career advancement. We welcome suggested peer-reviewers in order to expedite the process. Please consult our posted statistics regarding our turnaround time for a better idea of when to expect a response.
  3. High Visibility--As an open-access journal, all articles can be read without a fee, which increases the probability of your article being read and cited.
  4. Large Variety of Article Types--CRMJ offers eight different article categories for publication ensuring that most scholarly work will be considered for publication. All eight publication categories will undergo a rigorous peer-review process.

How to submit:

The journal utilizes an online submission format. Please be sure to review the general and article type specific author guidelines prior to submission. Any articles not meeting the author requirements or adhering to the guidelines will be returned to the authors to achieve compliance before going through CRMJ ‘s peer review process.

Please visit the “submit” section of CRMJ journal website to learn more about CRMJ‘s submission process.

Publication Process:

Once you submit to CRMJ, the section editor is notified. After reviewing the article for initial quality and fit within the journal’s mission and scope, the editor will send the article to three peer reviewers (two faculty/one student). These reviewers will provide feedback to the authors and the editors regarding their recommendations. Depending on the editor’s decision, the comments and manuscript could be sent back to the authors for revision. Once they have addressed the reviewers’ comments, the authors can re-submit the revised manuscript for reconsideration. If the manuscript is accepted, it will be published online.

We will accept submissions on a rolling basis and publish issues biannually. Prior to inclusion in the biannual issues, all accepted articles will be available online. Printed issues of CRMJ are released biannually. For information on subscribing to the print version of CRMJ, please contact us ( CRJCSM@rowan.edu) for pricing information.