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Introduction: 37 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, which affects multiple organ systems and requires multidisciplinary care. Multidisciplinary care is an inherently broad and complex topic, and while it is being implemented across healthcare in the United States and abroad, multidisciplinary care outcomes are poor in this patient population. It is possible that there exists gaps in the literature regarding implementation and replication of multidisciplinary care interventions such that healthcare practices are unable to fully take advantage of multidisciplinary care publications for chronic kidney disease. This narrative review utilizes the five domains of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to address barriers to multidisciplinary care implementation for chronic kidney disease. Methods: A systematized review of peer-reviewed literature including systematic reviews and meta-analyses related to chronic kidney disease and multidisciplinary care through January 1, 2021 was conducted. The five interventions with the most barriers qualitatively identified were analyzed. Results: 12 potentially eligible reviews were identified, and five unique systematic reviews and meta-analyses were selected for a total of 48 articles, and ultimately, five articles were selected for inclusion. Based on the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research which includes five domains of barriers, we discussed barriers of implementation in all five domains within the five articles. Discussion: Because it is essential that multidisciplinary care for patients with chronic kidney disease be improved and implemented to the fullest extent, researchers should be aware of barriers to implementation and publish results by taking into account the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research.

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