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M.S. in Teaching


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


College of Education


Jorgensen, Donna W.


English language--Composition and exercises--Study and teaching--United States; Seventh grade (Education)


Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching


The purpose of the project was to determine whether process-writing instruction in the classroom was improving one group of seventh grade language arts students' writing. Students in three classes with the same language arts teacher were involved in the study. Over the course of the first three marking periods, writing samples were collected from each of the students involved. Each student's writing was assessed according to criteria on both the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and the New Jersey Registered Holistic Scoring Rubric. The teacher was also both observed and interviewed in order to determine what process-writing techniques she implemented into her writing instruction. The goal was to determine how effective process-writing instruction was on improving the students' writing over the course of the first three marking periods.

Data from each writing sample was compiled and recorded on graphs and in descriptive qualitative terms. This was helpful in establishing the conclusion that the process-writing instruction implemented by the teacher was beneficial to her students as evidenced by decreased errors and increased sophistication of the writing collected in the study.