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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Kern, Robert W.


Upper Deerfield Township Schools (Upper Deerfield Township, N.J.); Education--Data processing


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


To better serve district needs, the business office developed integrated personnel and budget relational database applications that have the capability to store, compile, forecast, report, and seamlessly transfer in real time. The Microsoft Access server-based programs produce most mandated state and district reports and have the flexibility to incorporate new informational data fields to meet the demands of the ever-changing roles and accountabilities in today's educational field.

The research project is utilizing expert non-probability sampling because the stakeholders have demonstrable experience and expertise in this particular area or field and the population is the same size as the sample. The stakeholders consist of the Superintendent of Schools, the payable clerk, the payroll clerk, and the intern. Data collection is being amassed and complied utilizing quantitative interviews. The raw research information is recorded, stored, and summarized to substantiate conclusions.

The integrated personnel and budget database applications were an operational success but of only marginal usefulness for most of the stakeholders. Although many obstacles were overcome and additional features integrated into the software programs, the applications had varying impact on the participant's day-to-day responsibilities. The seed of change has been planted, however, and organizational change is possible in the future.