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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Johnson, Ted


Education--Parent participation; Student suspension


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


Parental involvement in education has been sought after for decades. The purpose of this study was to involve parents in the discipline process and thereby reduce repeat discipline offense. The intern offered the opportunity for involvement to the parents of tenth grade students who received their first out-of-school suspension. The study took place during the first semester of the 2002- 2003 school year. Parents were asked to participate in this study by answering a short survey and by discussing the incident with their child at home.

The sample population included all of the tenth grade students. A limited sample included all the students whose parents voluntarily participated in the study. A comparison was conducted to show the effectiveness of the parental involvement. Suspension and repeat suspension rates were compared for the same time periods during the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 school years.

The results of the study showed a significant reduction in the repeat offense rate in the limited sample. The involvement of parents in the limited sample also produced a reduction of repeat offenses in the total sample. The limited parental involvement even resulted in lower repeat offense rate for the entire school population.