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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Capasso, Ronald L.


Lower Cape May Regional High School (Cape May, N.J.); Special education


Educational Leadership


Though there are many success stories in the Lower Cape May Regional High School, for a myriad of reasons many of the classified students are not achieving their potential. In this thesis, the intern will evaluate the continuum of services offered to the classified student, with the overall intent of advancing the learning of those in special education. In his role as the acting Assistant Principal, the intern was able to get staff members to work towards the goal of improving the services that we offer our students. In addition, the intern's role as a member of the special education task force enabled him to establish an open, ongoing dialogue with the special education department at the High School. This paper also looks at the relationship between the involvement of the classified student in after-school activities and school success. The intern's research included data received from interviews with students, special education student surveys, teacher observations, a state assessment instrument, and general supervision. The two important advantages to the intern's research have been the opportunity to work with a staff that is passionate about their role as educators, and in the direct contact that the intern has had with students.