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MA Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Sisco, Burton R.

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Everett, Jess W.


Engineering, Higher Education, Living Learning Communities, Student Workers


Engineering students--Services for; Universities and colleges--Student housing


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of an engineering learning community (ELC) on freshmen engineering students and the influence of student workers. This study used a total population of the Engineering Learning Community (ELC), which included 127 freshmen engineering students, 69 participated in the survey and five volunteered to participate in a focus group interview. The survey collected demographic information and responses to statements regarding students transition to college, their connectedness to Rowan, their peer interaction, faculty interaction, and their overall satisfaction at Rowan. The interview questions asked about their most and least satisfying aspects of participating in the ELC and what recommendations they had to help improve the ELC. Through data analysis, findings suggested that participating in the ELC had some impact on their peer interaction, faculty interaction, their connectedness to Rowan, student worker interaction, and overall satisfaction at Rowan. Through content analysis the responses from the focus group showed that there were more satisfying than less satisfying aspects from participating in the ELC and with implementing the recommendations, the ELC can enhance its services to freshmen students.