LeRoi Jones

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


College of Education


Coaxum III, James


Alternative schools; High school principals


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This research represents an extremely personalized account of the complicated field of educational leadership and analysis of my journey through two very different alternative education environments. I documented my leadership experience for this self study to further understand how my leadership impacted two alternative educational settings. Through the vantage point of my lens, I documented and recorded my experiences through artifacts, a digital journal, and personal documentation as an administrator using the qualitative method of autoethnography. This type of qualitative research brings the reader inside of my personal experiences as an administrator. Every school district has its own climate and culture. My evaluation through the methodology of autoethnography illustrated the complexities I faced as an administrator. My leadership experiences, personal challenges, faculty interactions, and how central office administration supported and challenged my leadership as an administrator in two different alternative educational settings were documented through my lived experiences as an educational leader. Through my analysis I experienced the political, cultural, and ethical perceptions as the self researcher investigating my leadership, which challenged me to reflect on my decisions that ultimately affected students. My analysis provided me with a profound understanding that leaders need support from central office to develop and continually build upon the organizational objectives such as positive school culture, caring teachers, and an environment conducive to learning, which were embedded in my educational mission. Leadership from my lens offered me the opportunity to foster change that was meaningful, which positively impacted students. I was able to grow professionally when support for my educational vision was realized and understood, however, the lack of support drastically changed my leadership focus. Within these two educational academic setting my focused shifted from changing the culture and setting high expectations for all students during my leadership experience at Wood Beach Alternative High School, to protecting the basic rights of students who I was responsible for educating during my tenure at Mountain View Alternative High School and the unethical behaviors from faculty and central office administration.